XMD-NW.com Interviews from Vans Warped Tour 2016

XMD-NW.com is and was so proud to participate and enjoyed doing the most Interviews at Warped on August 12, 2016 at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington.

Being our first year of getting approved to cover it and to also be lucky enough to have the most interviews for that day of all the Social Medias. We are really proud to have done it and yes these interviews have generic questions since we had so many of them to cover. These are in raw form because we believe folks need to see and understand that these bands are giving their 100% to fans and to touring and are human beings just like any other normal person.

We Hope you Enjoy the 20+ interviews and soon We will publish some Photos from the 31 bands that we covered as well that day.

We also want to thank All that are involved in putting together and touring with the Vans Warped Tour….


Armored Saint-Win Hands Down (CD Review)

Armored Saint-Win Hands Down


OK this was a eargasm from the start, unlike Metallica these guys have yet and I doubt they ever will put out a shitty album. John does what he does best and that is write and deliver lyrics like no other front man can.

Seeing these guys and my brothers in Metal Church on tour and seeing John and Mike Howe act like they were still in the 80s performing literally pleases me.

The music and the whole feel of this album is so damn crazy and I have to say muscle memories is one of my favorite songs. This album is so damn solid.

We give this a 9 out of 10

Q-Parriss-Self-Aware (CD Review)



Wow another unsigned talent that is 100% a positive role model in the Hip Hop  and Rap genre that folks better check out. He is all about the dance groove, love and everything that is the finer things in life. He has beats and lyrics that state the better way to look at life, the harder you work the funner it is with the reward of all the respect you get.

This young man makes you think and feel and enjoy life and want to be grooving and dancing everywhere. To spread good love and respect and trying to unify everyone. I must say I have witnessed or better yet I was enlightened  to another style of the hip-hop rap era that I was not so sure was out there since the 80s. I got use to jokester style or degrading violent gangster rap.

Well this metalhead say hell yes son got get me some of the Pacific Northwest Hip Hop

Yes the is a great 8.5 out of 10

City Wilson-Welcome To Lacey (CD Review)

City Wilson-Welcome To Lacey


What can I say this guy has a hard life story to tell and his message is positive and informing and I can only wish that people and labels will start looking at artists like City, QParris and Triple Thr33 guys that are send out life long hard learned knowledge. Something that all youngsters need to learn and understand.

The best thing I can say about this guy is I have seen and know his story is real from childhood to the incarceration to the release and man he is today. Like most I want to look down at gangsta rappers or violent fueled rap or hip hop. But this man has songs that only make you question How Can We Better our Youth to avoid what City has gone through. He makes you see this is not a skin color but a poverty, society failure that pushes so many youths in the wrong direction.

This album and his words shows you the better way to look at life.

This is a great 8.5 out of 10.

Triple Thr33-Ressurrection (CD Review)

Triple Thr33-Ressurrection


Well as we have started branching out more with our reviews of music and genres we have avoided most rap music.mainly because I personally ally don’t like how so many acts sample or just straight out steal music from hard working musicians. And like most I got sick of the degradation of women and the endorsement of killing others over colors, neighborhoods and so on.

Well I had the pleasure of personally witnessing some amazing Rap/Hip Hop acts that aren’t signed or even at national level like they should be. This man here is so much more than a blend of Eminem and Easy E. Or even Dre, BTH this guy has a message and it is powerful. So damn powerful that he made this die hard old school metalhead listen to his disc and it is so damn good that it has found it’s sleep in my daily rotation and making my friends turn their heads when I pull up jamming it and singing the lyrics.

Hands down a 9 out of 10 rating

Craig Terrill-Genuine (CD Review)

Craig Terrill-Genuine


Wow what a sophomore release this man has done exactly what he did as a pro football player for the SEAHAWKS. Each year he just got better. Well in his music career I feel he will surpass everything he did in the NFL. The talent that this man and his band has is not a joke. They can cover so many genres with there latest release.

I was already a fan of his first album CT when he was known here in the Pacific Northwest as the singing Seahawk. Well he may not be a Seahawk anymore but I am even a bigger fan of his and his bands music. That is hard to say since music and my seahawks are everything. And I have seen some pro athletes that should never er have touched music. Not in this case.

The vocal work is outstanding, the drumming has a great time keeping a d the fact that the guitarist and drummer are twins and kick but together and then the bass. Just there is no weak spot if anything it has given us a glimpse of what is to come musically.

This is a 9 out of 10 with out a doubt

Spirit Adrift-Chained To Oblivion (CD Review)

Spirit Adrift-Chained To Oblivion


This is a solid outing by spirit adrift, this albums has psychedelic, doom, heavy, darkness in all aspects and such an amazing blend of it all from the 70s Black Sabbath feel then you add these 80s style leads on the guitar work and the low dark bass rhythm is just so pleasurable

Then when add these really clear solid vocal work. I was even more impressed to find out that nate wrote and played all instruments on this album. It goes to show the undeniable talent he has. I had to rewrite my review because I went out and listen to it a few more times in hopes that I would find a downside.

Well guess what I epically failed. This is such an insane doomsday heavy dark release with the perfect upbeat and clear message he envisions.

I rate this 9 out of 10 a must have album.

Motorhead – Clean Your Clock (CD Review)

Motorhead-Clean Your Clock


I mean I don’t even know where to start as we are still mourning the loss of Lemmy and what better way to come to acceptance than to have a newly released live album that is everything a motorhead fan could ask for.

At first I thought this was gonna be a tribute album but to my surprise it was and is a great release by the band itself. The fact that I will be able to jam it any time and reflect on the years I have considered Lemmy a friend.

Over 30 yrs of seeing him here and there and just how genuinely nice this man was with his fans and helpful to so many up coming musicians this is a must have album.

I give this a 10 out of 10

Toy Called God – Dirt On Your Coffin (CD Review)

Toy Called God-Dirt On Your Coffin


Oh damn look out fools this hard rockin hard hitting metal act from the bay area is no fucking joke. These guys are brutal in a different way not as in fast and distorted but they are just as wicked doing their style of heavy metal than a death metal band at its prime.

These guys should be opening and touring with bands like Metal Church, Armored Saint, Sucidal Tendencies and more. These guys were just here in the great Pacific Northwest and I was sad to find out that the day after the show.

These guys have some twisted leads ripping vocals extreme low end and violent time keeper.

Rate this as a 9 out of 10